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Founded in 2017 by David Picado and Mar Masulli, BitMetrics is a woman-led, B2B, deep-tech start-up based in Barcelona. We are working towards the straightforward and affordable automation of one of the most relevant processes that impact the competitiveness of European industrial companies, both corporates and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Pick & Place. 
Automation reduces costs, improves efficiency, assists in achieving a carbon-neutral impact, and delivers additional value to customers whilst enhancing the life of factory workers, particularly those that execute menial, repetitive and even dangerous tasks that new generations do not want to perform anymore.

We aim at democratizing access to intelligent automation of vision-based processes, lowering costs of ownership and making our solutions easy to implement and use significantly lowering the financial and technical barriers specially for SMEs.

Ronda de Sant Antoni 36-38 4º3º
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Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación (TIC)
BitMetrics launched its first commercial product Pick[+], an AI-powered software that enables robotic vision for the intelligent automation of labor-intensive tasks, in particular pick & place and random bin picking processes both or manufacturing and logistics, in applications such as: machine feeding, order preparation, assemblies, among others.

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